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Question: We are an American family moving from Kiev to St Pete in January. We have about 400 kg of personal items.
We will enter on a work permit, a 3-month visa which will be extended to one-year. I have heard there is an exception to the 35kg rule for those foreigners who will stay temporarily, and take their things out with them. Is that still true, and what is the Russian phrase for it?
Secondly: I have not been in Russia for 2 years, but my husband has traveled there many times in the last few months. Does that affect our customs situation?
Thank you for this incredibly useful website!

 Puchkov answers: You are correct. You can declare the goods as temporal import. Make the list of this goods. Customs can ask You for a guarantee letter from the company You will work for.

Question: Dear sir , The shipment is F.O.B basis and they are of ADULT not of child .The price of per T shirt is 1.50 Usd and in container there is 180000 pcs .The net weight of the T shirt is .130 grm per T shirt. That is 23400 per container .Please tell me the import duty on that T shirts as early as possible as we want the clear goods from you also tell your charges on import.

We are ready for your services and ready to pay but tell me the exact customs duty including vat of the above said garment and please let me know and how much will be your min charges. Pls let me know the duty if the goods are exported from UAE and imported to russia and which doccuments are  required by you for custom clearance and tell me what will be your minimum charges . The value of the goods is 144000$ and the weight is 23400 Kgs

we are ready for your services and ready to pay but tell me the excat customs duty including vat if the container weight is 21 Ton and the value is US$ 400,000 .please tet me know and how much will be your min charges. waiting for reply. regards

 Puchkov answers: Dear Sir,

     In Russia, there is customs duty for T-shirts 20% of customs value, but not less than 2 euro per Kg. Also one must pay VAT , which is 18%, and payment for customs clearance which depends on the price of the shipment. To declare goods in Russia the company should be Russian resident. I am not a customs brocker, so I am not doing customs clearance. I can be Your consultant , and advise Your agent good customs brocker in St Petersburg Sea Port. The price for consultations is 100 euro per hour.

It is totally impossible to make calculations without information about : conditions of shipment ( CIF, DDU, DDP ), price of transportation to Russia, the size of the T-shirts ( for children VAT is 10% ), weight 21 ton is it brutto or netto. The best way to solve Your problem is to send Your agent in Russia to me. I will  recomend proper customs brocker in StPetersburg Sea Port. According to the tarif You should pay not less than US$180000, but without full information it is not the exact figure.

   I can recomend You proffessional customs brocker . They can make customs clearance for You. They will charge for services and tell You the price. Customs brocker : " ..." , E-mail : . I am not doing customs clearance, only consulting and advice. Tell them about my recomendation and they will do the job.  Best regards.



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